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International Preschool in Nagoya

Calling is easy! All of our staff are bilingual and can answer all of your questions and set up a school visit. We’d love to show you the best preschool in Nagoya and we think you’ll why Hisaya International Preschool is a special place for your child to learn and grow.
Every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and socialize in a safe school environment. At Hisaya International Preschool, your child can have fun, learn and make new friends in a 100% English-speaking environment. It’s our mission to make sure of it and to help all of our students reach their full potential.

Getting here is easy! We’re conveniently located in downtown Nagoya, just 2 a minute walk for even the littlest feet from the Hisaya-odori station on the Marunouchi (red) and Meijo (purple) subway lines. If you’re coming from Sakae or Oasis 21, it’s only a few minutes more. Take a look at our map or give us a call for directions.

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Caterpillar Class
3, 4, or 5 times per week
Ages 2 - 3 yrs.
Butterfly Class
3, 4, or 5 times per week
Ages 3 - 4 yrs.
Porcupine Class
3, 4, or 5 times per week
Ages 4 - 6 yrs.
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